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Start your adventure in the City of Torrid! Fight enemies in a whole new way, develop your entrepreneurial skills, and discover hidden treasures! Experience the captivating journey of Abo Khashem.

Available February 23rd 2018


Abo Khashem is a comedic role playing game, where after awaking in the middle of nowhere with amnesia, you try to piece together what happened to you. With your trusty lizard companion, the two of you must uncover a massive conspiracy involving a powerful monolith. Along the way you will purchase properties, manage and hire staff, decorate your homes, gain influence, bond with Shukman the lizard, and customize your own fighting style!

Open World

Enjoy a fun gaming experience in a vast, beautiful and light-hearted world. Explore the City of
Torrid and discover its hidden treasures.

Intelligent Population

The citizens of Torrid are immensely intelligent. When driving, they will actively avoid each other and almost never crash. As made evident by the above live action footage, safety is always the highest priority in the City of Torrid.

Fun Companion

Take on enemies alongside Shukman, a companion with questionable work ethic. Also he is a lizard. And if you grow bored of walking around as an upright humanoid, you can take control of Shukman for a nice quadrupedal reptilian experience. 

Combo Builder

Using the Combo Builder, you can personalize your fighting style. Send enemies flying with heavy attacks, juggle them with aerial combos, or strike them from afar.


As is custom with any RPG: talents. 
The Bruiser offers a brute-force approach to combat.
The Trickster provides a more strategic and mobile path.
The Businessman utilizes wealth and ranged attacks - allowing for a more extravagant style
and the help of bodyguards.

Shukman has access to his own talents, as lizards typically do.
Sharptooth focuses on damage over time effects.
Mentor allows for a more healing and supportive companion.
Lockdown grants an aggressive style of support.

Boss Fights

Enjoy dying repeatedly to various bosses at the end of each dungeon. Or if dying repeatedly to various bosses at the end of each dungeon isn't your cup of tea, then maybe learn to jump,
dodge, and evade.

Business Simulator

Become an unstoppable entrepreneurial force and own the City of Torrid in its entirety. Purchase and manage shops, hire and train staff, and employ security guards to fend off hostile takeovers from a rival monolith... as well as petty theft and vandalism.

Interior Designer

Showcase your designer skills and bring your houses to life. Buy matching furniture sets,
paint the walls neon orange, or put ten 10-foot-tall toilets in every room. You really can have it all.

Mini Game

Take a break from your Torrid responsibilities and engage in what can only be described as 
"a little tunnel exploring game". Prove your mettle in a progressively challenging and rewarding

Side Quests

Text message characters that you've met through your escapades. Console them emotionally,
bring them trash loot, or compete in illegal street racing on their behalf. Receive rewards by
building rapport and completing side quests. Results may vary.

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